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Goal setting process

In essence, the goal setting process is how you define what you want to do, or what you want to achieve, as contrasted to where you are currently. For example, if you feel out of shape, your goal may be to “get fit”.

It is important to simultaneously define how you will reach your goal, in a measurable manner, in clear milestones and deliverables. Thus, in order to “get fit” (your goal) you may need to “run 5k three times a week for the next six months”.

It is important that the goal setting process generates ambitious goals in order to motivate everyone who is involved in reaching them. Equally important is that goals are measurable and time-bound, so that the efforts to reach the goal are focused and can be properly assessed following the deadline.

When goals and milestones are formulated in a collaborative, “bottom up” manner involving those who are responsible for carrying out the work and relevant additional senior stakeholders, the goal setting process becomes a very powerful alignment tool. Such a collaborative approach contrasts to the traditional structure where a company’s goals have been decided unilaterally by management and communicated “top down”.

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By: Johan Flodgren

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