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Writing down goals for the day or week is a huge boost to productivity.

It's not a coincidence that you are super productive the days you have the dicipline to write down your to-do's and goals. Something as simple as putting "Drink a cup of coffee" at the beginning of your list actually triggers your dopamine release, and encourages you to continue completing items of your list.

Astonishingly powerful. Yet remarkably simple to use.

Think goals, communication, to-do lists, work planning, rewards & high fives. And more. Much more, in fact. An all in one virtual space.

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Organize work in rooms.

In Pembio, work happens in rooms. They are best organized around a topic, team or a project - for example #marketing.

Rooms are equipped with all the required resources to get great work done, such as communication solutions, work progress tracking, file sharing and integrations with other services to make work flow smoothly.


Set up goals, give them deadlines, more context and milestones to make it all measurable. Finally, set up activities connected to the goal, to make the goal actionable step-by-step.

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Drag and drop to schedule

Plan your daily, weekly and monthly activities based on the goals you’re focusing on. Use the smart schedule to get a clear overview of when you should do what.

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Take action - Whenever inspiration strikes

Activities are really powerful. You can treat them as events, meetings, tasks and much more. Add links, take notes, create checklists and connect them to goals. Make them one off or recurring, whatever you need.

The app is packed with great features for productivity and collaboration.
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Can I use Pembio for free?

Yes! All workspaces start on the standard plan (free), with an option to upgrade to any of the paid plans if/when you’re ready. We think it’s important that you get a chance to fully test Pembio before making a decision.

How do I get started?

If you want to use Pembio by yourself or together with your team, we recommend creating an account and following the instructions in the onboarding. If you’re looking to use Pembio for your entire organization or multiple teams, we recommend getting in touch with sales.

How do I get in touch with support?

If you have any questions or proposals, you can get in touch with us via

Can I use the app for myself?

At it’s core, the app is a productivity tool with focus on goal planning. Goal planning is super valuable in both the context of individual and team usage - so yes, you can absolutely use it for yourself. If and when you decide to invite collaborators to your space, it’s super easy.

How do I access Pembio?

It’s super simple. Just create an account through our registration form, you’ll be up and running within minutes.

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