How and why we use cookies 🍪

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store information on your browser about what you did on our website. They don’t let us see any of your computer content but they do let us give you a better on-site experience by allowing us to distinguish you from other users.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use our own cookies and some trusted third-party cookies too. With all of the cookies in our jar, you can choose to limit or block them—but the site might not work as smoothly. Here are the cookies you’ll find on our site:

Technical cookies are used to check your identity when you log in and make the site run smoothly.

Security cookies protect you from fraud and protect your data from hackers.

Preference cookies allow our site to change based on your actions e.g. language choices and layout.

Functionality cookies help us understand how people use our site and interact with it. They give us information like how many times you’ve visited our page, what browser you’re using, and if you’re on your phone or laptop.

Analytics cookies are similar to functionality cookies—they analyze how you, and others, use our website.

Profiling cookies group users based on behaviors—like how you move through the site and things you’ve shown an interest in.

Marketing cookies: These cookies are used to show you offers, adverts, and general marketing on the rest of the web.

Can I block or delete cookies?

Of course you can. But like we said—you might find some hiccups on our site if you do. Here’s how you can block and delete your cookies:

Internet Explorer