Data deletion policy

At Pembio, we understand the importance of user data privacy and control. As a result, we have implemented the ability for users to delete all data associated with their account. To delete your Pembio account data, please log in to your account and navigate to the "User Settings" page. From there, you will find the option to "Delete Account" and all data associated with it. This includes, but not limited to, personal information, account activity, and any other data stored in our systems. Please note that once your data is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Additionally, if you wish to delete your data, it is recommended to download any important files prior to deletion. We take the protection of our user's data seriously and are committed to providing a secure and transparent experience for our users. If you have any questions or concerns about our deletion policy, please contact our support team.

Alternative deletion

In addition to the self-service option outlined above, users also have the option to contact our support team to request manual deletion of their data. To initiate this process, please send an email to [email address] with the subject line "Data Deletion Request." In the email, please provide your full name and account email address. Our team will then review your request and take the necessary steps to manually delete your data within 30 days. Please note that while we will make every effort to delete your data in a timely manner, it is your responsibility to ensure that any important files are downloaded prior to requesting manual deletion. Additionally, manual deletion may take additional time, and once the data is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Our team will contact you to confirm the deletion and to verify the account details once the deletion is done. We understand that data privacy is a critical matter, and we are committed to providing our users with the ability to control their data and to respect their right to have their personal information deleted.