General user terms and conditions

Version 2022-06-06

These General Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) governs the use of Pembio's SaaS platform for managing work ("Pembio" or the "Service") provided by Pembio AB reg. nr. 559274-5375 (the "Company").


    In order to use Pembio you are required to accept the Terms. Pembio may be accessed either as an individual or on behalf of an organization or company. In case of signing up for the Service on behalf of an organization or company you warrant that you are authorized to represent the organization and that you accept the Terms on behalf of the organization.

  2. Personal data

    As a Pembio user you act as Personal Data Controller while Pembio acts as Personal Data Processor. In addition to these Terms, our privacy policy describes these parts.

  3. User content on Pembio

    Users are personally responsible for the content they upload on Pembio and the Company takes no responsibility for any of the content. All illegal content will immediately be removed and reported to the relevant authorities. Users are also required to ensure their compliance with all applicable intellectual property rights, personal data laws and other laws and regulations within their jurisdiction.

  4. Usage of Pembio

    Users must not use Pembio as a means to distribute content in a manner which violates Swedish law. Pembio shall be used in accordance with the purpose for which Pembio has been created and always in keeping with applicable laws. The Company is not responsible for any third party claims, including but not limited to intellectual property violation claims. Users of Pembio agree that the Company has no liability in relation to all such claims.

  5. Data processing addendum ("DPA")

    The DPA is an amendment to the Terms and stipulates how we manage and store your personal data and what security measures we maintain to ensure your personal data is secure.

    Accepting these Terms also accept the DPA addendum.

    Link to DPA

  6. Subscription

    Subscription to the Service are available through different tiers at different price points, and upgrading or downgrading from one tier to another will result in a cost or saving as specified at each specific point in time when such subscription alterations are ordered. Each payment period is similarly specified at the time of order, normally per-quarter or yearly. Subscriptions are renewed automatically once a subscription period ends, unless the user provides written notice to terminate the subscription. The subscription is then ended on the final day of the current subscription period. A written notice to terminate the subscription does not result in a refund of any payments made by the user.

  7. Obligations for the Company

    We maintain strict levels of security and take all reasonable preventative measures to keep Pembio secure, and to keep all data entered by users into the system secure and accessible only to authorised parties. The Company is not liable for any direct or indirect damages, financial loss, or similar as a result of errors, delays, imperfections or similar in Pembio's service. Nor may compensation be sought from the Company for other consequential or indirect economic loss, reduced production or obligations to third parties. The Company is furthermore not liable for damages that arise in the unlikely event that a third party infringes our server resources and/or gains access to, manipulates, destroys or otherwise mismanages information.

  8. Interruptions of Pembio

    It is our ambition to keep Pembio online at all times but unexpected interruptions may occur. Whilst such an occurrence is unlikely, we assume no liability for such an event and will not pay compensation. In the event of planned server maintenance, users are notified well in advance so that no information is lost.

  9. Suspended accounts

    The Company reserves the right to suspend users who act unethically, destroy for others or uses Pembio in violation of the Terms or current laws.

  10. Copyright and Intellectual Property

    This agreement does not transfer any rights held by the Company relating to intellectual property, or otherwise, to users. Users may not copy or modify any aspect of Pembio or any other materials or content which belongs to the Company.

  11. Cookies

    Pembio uses cookies, similar technologies and services to display personalized content and to store your preferences on your computer. Read more about cookies in our cookie policy.

  12. Changes to this agreement or services

    The Company may change its user terms and conditions from time to time at the Company's discretion. Alterations to the user terms and conditions will be notified through Your continued use of Pembio after any change in user terms and conditions will constitute your acceptance of such changes.